Introducing… Business of a Beauty Stylist


(MUAs, hairstylists, beauticians, etc)

There is a shift happening in the makeup industry. I feel it, and I’m sure you’re feeling it too! 

Things like:

  • being told they love your work, but you’re too “expensive”
  • Posting on Instagram but not getting any response
  • Trying everything you can think of, but not getting a return on the time and effort you’re investing into the industry
  • Knowing beauty is your calling and passion in life that you want to turn into a business, but not knowing the correct way forward. 

Truth is, every day, more and more people are training up to be makeup artists and beauty professionals. Every day, it’s only becoming more and more difficult to STAND OUT and book clients at a rate you deserve.

Nearly everything about our industry has changed, from the way clients search for and book Makeup Artists for their events, to the way that we now have direct access to brands on social media….So why hasn’t the way you do business evolved, too?

The Artists that will survive the shift and ACTUALLY make a profit in their business, are the ones who see the shift happening and ADAPT.

Here’s what I want you to know: it’s an AMAZING time to be a Beauty professional! But the only thing that will overcome over-saturation is DIFFERENTIATION.

In other words, if you want to book clients who value you and want to pay your worth, you’re going to have to BE different from every other Beauty business in your city and offer something more than just your talent. 

If you can relate to the above and want to know HOW to actually set yourself apart, I would love for you to join my Business of a Beauty Stylist Facebook group, where we discuss all things business and beauty. 

So far I have 4 FREE 1 hour video trainings discussing:

  • Instagram for beauty professionals
  • Differentiation and standing out in a saturated market 
  • Dealing with clients not replying to your enquiries 
  • Attracting the right type of clients for your business 

I created the group to help people in the beauty industry accelerate from “just” being like everyone else, to having a BRAND that allows you to run a successful beauty business and get PAID for your passion.

Join the FREE facebook group

To learn a little about me, here’s a video where I discuss my business journey:

There are already 300+ likeminded beautypreneurs in the group!

Let’s do this… together ❤️


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